November 2017

School Direct ITT Training at Palmerston School: ‘Teaching and Supporting Pupils with ASC’
We recently enjoyed a wonderful day delivering training to a terrific group of School Direct ITT students. Thank you to all the students for your enthusiasm and inspiring questions and to Palmerston School staff for making us feel so welcome.

Students’ feedback:
What impact will this training have on your practice?

“I now have a greater understanding of autism and why students may show certain behaviours and appropriate strategies to support them”
“Implementing calming techniques”
“Understanding and using different methods to engage each child”

What did you find most beneficial about the training? 
The perspective of a child with autism.

“The use / examples of visual aids / strategies.”
“The range of inputs given to deepen my understanding, e.g. handouts, video clips, interactive games.”

Further comments or suggestions

“Fantastic session!”
“Great session – thank you!”
“Well done, very informative”
“Thank you – very helpful!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the session – thanks Suzanne!” “Excellent training – thank you!”